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un- +‎ blockable



unblockable (not comparable)

  1. Not blockable; that cannot be blocked.
    • 1902 December 13, American Florist[1], volume 19, page 725:
      Thus it will be seen that, although its detractors do all they can to discourage the use of oil for fuel, its superiority is so great that in spite of its traducers it is forging to the front with mighty, unblockable strides.
    • 1982, B. T. Hailpern, Verifying Concurrent Processes Using Temporal Logic[2], page 45:
      The unblockable actions consist of evaluating an expression and performing an assignment.
    • 2007, Peter May, The Big Three[3], page 208:
      He had the soft fadeaway jumper that was virtually unblockable and usually on target, and the face-up fifteen-footer, which he used to soften up the inside.


unblockable (plural unblockables)

  1. (video games) An attacking move that cannot be blocked by an opposing fighter.