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Etymology 1[edit]

unbreak +‎ -ing



  1. present participle of unbreak

Etymology 2[edit]

un- +‎ breaking


unbreaking (comparative more unbreaking, superlative most unbreaking)

  1. That does not break; unbreakable or unbroken.
    • 1869, Historical Sketches of the Reign of George Second
      Their sorry tragedy is cleared away from the universe, and at the end comes in that strange consciousness of the unbreaking perpetual stream of life which makes every tragedy bearable.
    • 2014, William King, Ocean of Fear: Book Six of the Kormak Saga
      The river snaked through the forest, and they travelled on hour after hour, through an unbreaking monotony of green.
    • 2010, Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni: An Unforgettable Story
      At evening, another meal and catheter emptying followed by more television watching until “lights out.” Each new day was a boring and monotonous extension of the previous day—eat, watch TV, sleep—in an unbreaking, sickening cycle.