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un- +‎ cook



uncook (third-person singular simple present uncooks, present participle uncooking, simple past and past participle uncooked)

  1. To undo the act of cooking
  2. (computing, slang) To repair a file (specifically an MP3 audio file) that has been damaged ("cooked") by being converted through a text format and having line breaks applied to it.
    • 1999, "y2kilroy", New Freeware Utility to uncook mp3's! (discussion on Internet newsgroup alt.music.mp3)
      Hi all! I have developed a freeware utility to uncook MP3's...
    • 2000, "Xorys", Creating audio CD from mp3 files (discussion on Internet newsgroup alt.music.mp3)
      If you "uncook" a file that isn't "cooked" you will just mess it up (and I don't know of any way to fix it then) - so uncooking should be used with caution (I'd suggest never over-writing the original file).