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underwhelming (comparative more underwhelming, superlative most underwhelming)

  1. Failing to interest; usually used in response to something that was presented as exciting.
    The dinosaur island in Crystal Palace Park is underwhelming.
    • 1918 December 26, Musical Courier[1], volume 77:
      If I grant you that the German language is spoken by the overwhelming majority of the German people you will agree with me that the best music of Germany has been composed by the underwhelming minority. Now, if the overwhelming majority of Germans are enemies, it follows that the underwhelming minority of Germans must be friendly.
    • 1990 July 13, Rita Kempley, “‘Quick Change’ (R)”, in The Washington Post[2]:
      Davis, plush as ever, is a little whiny and underwhelming as Murray's girlfriend, who spends much of her time nurturing Quaid, doing his familiar sweet-natured lummox.
    • 2005 August 17, Edward Wyatt, “Sales Lag for Book on Deep Throat”, in New York Times[3]:
      But in Washington and just about everywhere else, sales of "The Secret Man," Bob Woodward's story of the source known as Deep Throat, have been underwhelming.