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underwhelming ‎(comparative more underwhelming, superlative most underwhelming)

  1. Failing to interest; usually used in response to something that was presented as exciting.
    The dinosaur island in Crystal Palace Park is underwhelming.
    • 1990 July 13, Rita Kempley, “‘Quick Change’ (R)”, in The Washington Post[1]:
      Davis, plush as ever, is a little whiny and underwhelming as Murray's girlfriend, who spends much of her time nurturing Quaid, doing his familiar sweet-natured lummox.
    • 2005 August 17, Edward Wyatt, “Sales Lag for Book on Deep Throat”, in New York Times[2]:
      But in Washington and just about everywhere else, sales of "The Secret Man," Bob Woodward's story of the source known as Deep Throat, have been underwhelming.