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From Middle English *unendly, equivalent to un- +‎ endly. Cognate with German unendlich.


unendly (comparative more unendly, superlative most unendly)

  1. (rare) Having no end; infinite; endless; unending.
    • 1590, Sir Philip Sidney, Albert Feuillerat, The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia - Volume 2 - Page 358:
      Shall to the world appeare that faith and love be rewarded with mortall disdaine, bent to unendly revenge? Unto revenge? O sweete, on a wretch wilt thou be revenged? shall sue i high Plannets ende to the losse of a worme?
    • 2012, Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence, http://systemspedia.org/entry.aspx?entry=2435:
      [...] An unendly repetitive transformation from which the process or system is not anymore able to escape.


unendly (comparative more unendly, superlative most unendly)

  1. In an unendly or infinite manner; infinitely; unendingly.
    • 2002, M. M. Hafez, J. J. Chattot, Innovative Methods for Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations:
      We first underline that despite relevant Godunov type methods actually enjoy several stability properties, their corresponding numerical rate of entropy dissipation stays always smaller than the required one in (2) and as a result, the discrepancies with the exact solutions can only unendly amplify with time.

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