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un- +‎ fuck with +‎ -able


unfuckwithable (comparative more unfuckwithable, superlative most unfuckwithable)

  1. (informal, nonstandard, vulgar) Unable to be fucked with; untouchable, impervious to, or undeterred by opposition.
    • 2013, Adrian Van Young, The Man Who Noticed Everything:
      It can make you as close to unfuckwithable as any tough guy is likely to get.
    • 2015, Bill Kreutzmann, ‎Benjy Eisen, Deal: My Three Decades of Drumming, Dreams, and Drugs with the Grateful Dead:
      I put on my wet suit, grabbed my surfboard, and went to battle the unmerciful Pacific Ocean — fierce by nature, unforgiving by force, and totally unfuckwithable in every way.