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fuck with (third-person singular simple present fucks with, present participle fucking with, simple past and past participle fucked with)

  1. (vulgar, slang, idiomatic) To mess with; to interact with in a careless or inappropriate way.
    Don't fuck with that gang! They all carry guns!
  2. (vulgar, slang, idiomatic, especially African American Vernacular) To work with, to roll with, by extension to like, to enjoy.
    I fuck with you heavy.
    • 2005, Lisa Lennox, Crack Head, →ISBN, page 211:
      “I’m promoting you, dawg. I’m planning an early retirement, and I gotta know that my business is in good hands. I worked hard to get shit to this point, yo. You think you could handle being the boss one day?” “Muthafuckin’ right,” Smurf said beating his chest. “I’m ready to do whatever is asked of me for the team.” “That’s why I fuck with you, Smurf,” Dink said with a sly smile.
    • 2012, Michael Archer, Trunk-Space: The Retribution of A Psychopath, →ISBN:
      “Yo, Kid, Dude is my cousin.” “Oh well! I’m sorry, Son, but your cousin fucked up!” “Nah, I mean, you’re my peoples. I fuck with you heavy. I don’t even fuck with that nigga like that, but he is family. If you kill him, then I gotta go to the funeral.”
    • 2013, “Tennis Court”, in Pure Heroine, performed by Lorde:
      How can I fuck with the fun again, when I'm known?
    • 2017, Dana Shontale, Naked Truth, Naked Truths, →ISBN:
      “Boss, no disrespect. I fuck with you, and what shorty just pulled was foul. I know y’all got history, but I hope you ain’t planning on going back to the bitch anytime soon.”

Derived terms[edit]