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uni- +‎ sexual


unisexual (not comparable)

  1. Of an organism, having characteristics of a single sex (as opposed to hermaphrodites).
    Most animals are unisexual.
  2. Of a species, having only a single (potentially hermaphroditic) sex (as opposed to bisexual).
    • 1981, Mosaic, page 4:
      The second line of inquiry has to do with the ultimate fate of unisexual species. Are they doomed to more rapid extinction than bisexual species? On the assumption that unisexual populations lack genetic variation, most theoretical studies  []
  3. Unisex; suitable for any sex or gender.
    • 2015, Arhlene A. Flowers, Global Writing for Public Relations: Connecting in English with Stakeholders and Publics Worldwide, Routledge (→ISBN), page 433:
      You may not be familiar with the name or it could be a unisexual name, and some women and men may have first names that are more traditional for the opposite gender.



unisexual (plural unisexuals)

  1. An organism which is unisexual.
    • 1978, Floyd L. Downs, Unisexual Ambystoma from the Bass Islands of Lake Erie
      Populations of ambystomatid salamanders on Middle Bass and North Bass Islands in the western basin of Lake Erie consist largely of female unisexuals. On both islands, diploid unisexuals are more abundant than triploid  ...
    • 2013, David L.G. Noakes, J.A. Ward, Ecology and ethology of fishes: Proceedings of the 2nd biennial symposium on the ethology and behavioral ecology of fishes, held at Normal, Ill., U.S.A., October 19–22, 1979, Springer Science & Business Media (→ISBN), page 43:
      Samples that included both bisexual and unisexual females were obtained from all localities shown in Figure 2 except sites C, J, and O. The proportion of unisexuals in these samples varied from 2% to 94% of the females in a given sample.

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unisexual (plural unisexuales)

  1. unisexual