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Alternative forms[edit]


unorganized ‎(comparative more unorganized, superlative most unorganized)

  1. Not having been organized
  2. Not yet organized
  3. Not having been organized on a normal basis
  4. Having been organized only superficially or irregularly
  5. (US) (of a territory) Lacking a normal system of government.
    Palmyra Atoll is an unorganized territory.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Unorganized does not have the negative connotations of disorganized.

Related terms[edit]

  • unorganized territory (or unorganized area, borough, etc.) (esp. USA and Canada): A territory for which government has not (yet) been organized on a normal basis.
  • unorganized militia (especially USA): Citizens liable for military service but not (yet) organized on a military basis.
  • disorganized (a negative term indicating inadequate organization; contrast with unorganized which has no negative connotations)