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Alternative forms[edit]




  1. simple past and past participle of disorganize


disorganized (comparative more disorganized, superlative most disorganized)

  1. Lacking order or organization; confused; chaotic.
    • 1939 December 5, J. W. Studebaker, Democracy Shall Not Be Plowed Under[1], page 9:
      If we fail to repulse the enemy within the gates--unemployment, poverty, disorganized agriculture and the like--from whence may we expect the united strength and clear purpose to repulse any outside force?
  2. Lacking skills for organizing one's affairs.
    He is quite disorganized and has difficulty planning his day or remembering when his homework is due.
  3. (psychology) In a state of disruption of orderly psychological functioning; engaging in behaviour that is chaotic, self-contradictory, or out of keeping with reality; (of a mental illness) poorly controlled and leading to a disorganized state.

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