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un- +‎ qualified.


unqualified (comparative more unqualified, superlative most unqualified)

  1. Not qualified, ineligible, unfit for a position or task.
    His lack of a high school diploma renders him unqualified for the job.
    Synonyms: ineligible, nonqualified
    Antonyms: competent, eligible, qualified
  2. Not elaborated upon, or not accompanied by restrictions or qualification; undescribed.
    Her cooking ability, while mentioned, was unqualified by her.
    Synonym: undescribed
    Antonyms: described, qualified
  3. Outright; thorough; utter.
    • 1857, Irish Literary Gazette
      Gibson is an unqualified fool, and only fit to mix with beasts of the same calibre; []
    • 1962 July, “Failured of multiple-unit electric trains on British Railways”, in Modern Railways, page 53:
      The silicon rectifiers installed in the 42 English Electric-equipped units of the Shenfield augmentation stock have proved an unqualified success; [...].