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un- +‎ remarkable.



unremarkable (comparative more unremarkable, superlative most unremarkable)

  1. Not remarkable.
    Synonyms: nondescript, commonplace, jejune, mundane, ordinary
    • 2014 May 11, Ivan Hewett, “Piano Man: a Life of John Ogdon by Charles Beauclerk, review: A new biography of the great British pianist whose own genius destroyed him [print version: A colossus off-key, 10 May 2014, p. R27]”, in The Daily Telegraph (Review)[1]:
      The temptation is to regard him [John Ogdon] as an idiot savant, a big talent bottled inside a recalcitrant body and accompanied by a personality that seems not just unremarkable, but almost entirely blank.
    • 2023 October 4, Ben Jones, “'08e' sparks new life into trusty shunters”, in RAIL, number 993, page 48:
      Delivered to British Railways' Royston depot (near Barnsley) as D3378 in August 1957, the '08e' prototype led an unremarkable life for its first 35 years, working from Farnley Junction, Healey Mills and Holbeck before being withdrawn (for the first time) from Sheffield's Tinsley depot in February 1992.