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Words shown unsorted, and sorted in two different ways


un- +‎ sorted


unsorted (comparative more unsorted, superlative most unsorted)

  1. Not in any particular order or sequence.
    • 1721, Robert Wodrow, The History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland,: From the Restauration to the Revolution:[1]:
      Had the council warrants been in order, no question but considerable discoveries might have been made of the iniquity of this time; but those being unsorted, and in no small confusion, I was obliged to keep myself by what the managers have thought fit to put into the registers; and it is surprising to find some things there, which we shall afterwards meet with.
  2. Mixed, jumbled, not separated by property into categories.
    When he knocked the tray of type sorts onto the floor, he simply scooped everything back into the compartments, all unsorted.
  3. (obsolete) Ill-chosen, inconvenient, unsuitable

Related terms[edit]