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uxorious +‎ -ness


uxoriousness (uncountable)

  1. Overt devotion or submissiveness to one's wife.
    • 1835, Isaac D'Israeli, Curiosities of Literature[1], page 290:
      The uxoriousness of Charles [the First] is re-echoed by all the writers of a certain party.
    • 1918 August 6, “'Keep Her Smiling' Wins At the Astor”, in The New York Times[2]:
      There were times when it seemed that the comedy, verging though it did on the wildest farce, might include a certain reflection upon the sin of uxoriousness.
    • 1998 November 22, “An angel at my table”, in The Independent[3]:
      He is the embodiment of uxoriousness, frequently turning the conversation back to Cath []
    • 2003 May 14, Janice Turner, “Boden's way”, in The Guardian[4]:
      Boden's uxoriousness, his belief that the mother of your children is still desirable, has defined his brand.
    • 2007 February 3, Jemima Lewis, “Jemima Lewis: Why British men make good husbands”, in The Independent[5]:
      Yet men go into matrimony as if to the gallows. Even my own husband - a model of uxoriousness, so far - turned a whiter shade of pale the night before our wedding. "I'm having a funny feeling," he confided, lying rigid on our bed like a felled tree. "I think it's called 'fight or flight'."