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Alternative forms[edit]


Jocular alteration of vagina, popularised by a 2006 use in “Grey’s Anatomy”.



va-jay-jay (plural va-jay-jays)

  1. (informal, euphemistic) vagina, vulva.
    • 2005 March 3, Billy Manes, “RETURN TO PARIS”, Orlando Weekly [1]
      “My va-jay-jay itches”, yeasts my friend Anna scratchily into her cell phone.
    • 2006 March 1, (anonymous), “Still here….on the couch”, Melanoma Uberalis, at [2]
      will have progress pics soon…unless two babies decide to raid mah va-jay-jay, in which case, I guess I’ll have to wait.
    • 2006 March 29, Fara Kearnes, “Culture Clash Over Nude Britney Spears Sculpture”, [3]
      crouching on all fours about to push an 8-pound baby out of her va-jay-jay.
    • 2009, Daniele Corsetto, Girls with Slingshots
      Clarice: So you’re bisexual.
      Jamie: But I’m scared of other people’s va-jay-jays.