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From vajadz(ēt) (to be necessary) +‎ -ība. Meaning “lack, scarcity” in the 17th, following the etymological meaning of vajadzēt (q.v.), the word soon evolved into its current meaning.[1]


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vajadzība f (4th declension)

  1. need, necessary (the quality of that which is necessary; a situation in which something is necessary)
    vajadzība pēc grāmatām‎ ― the need for books
    pateikt savu vajadzību‎ ― to tell your need
    nav nekādas vajadzības par to runāt‎ ― there is no need to talk about that
    vajadzības izteiksme‎ ― debitive (lit. necessity) mood (Latvian verb form that expresses necessity)
  2. (in the plural) needs (set of natural, social, spiritual factors that are necessary for life, or for a certain activity)
    elementāras vajadzības‎ ― basic needs
    dabiskās vajadzības‎ ― natural needs
    apmierināt sabiedrības vajadzības‎ ― to meet the needs of society


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