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vanilla slice (plural vanilla slices)

  1. (UK, Australia) A snack similar to a mille-feuille, consisting of a layer of vanilla custard or cream between two layers of pastry.
    • 1941, Studies from the Connaught Medical Research Laboratories and School of Hygiene, University of Toronto, Volume 12, page 852,
      Strain 1162 was isolated from a vanilla slice that was incriminated in a second outbreak originating in the same bakery, six weeks after the first outbreak.
    • 1978, Association of Public Health Inspectors (UK), An Examination of the Bacteriological Quality of Retail Vanilla Slices, Environmental Health, Volume 86, page 67,
      One hundred and thirty-three vanilla slices, purchased from shops in the County of West Yorkshire, were examined to determine the numbers and type of bacteria present at the time of purchase.
    • 2003, David Philip Reiter, Liars and Lovers, Interactive Press, Australia, page 197,
      She passed the answering machine as she brought over a tray with the coffee and a vanilla slice that she′d divided unevenly.
      ‘Homemade?’ I asked, as she handed me the larger portion.
    • 2011, Vicky Daddo, Meeting My Renaissance Man, Stephen Thompson (editor), Mythic Resonance, Specusphere, Australia, unnumbered page,
      Vanilla slice,’ he said, his voice directed at the glass cabinet. [] I pulled back the tray with the vanilla slices and he ducked down like a meerkat on sentry duty.
    • 2012, June Whyte, Muzzled: A Kat Mckinley Greyhound Mystery, Untreed Reads, unnumbered page,
      Leaving Lady Margaret to do battle with the bookies, I bought myself a country-baked vanilla slice. The biggest, mouth-watering vanilla slice I′d ever laid eyes on. Then, cake clutched in both hands, face sticky with creamy custard—not the chewy rubbery custard found in store-bought slices—I wandered over to the catching pen in readiness to catch Ben′s dog at the end of the race.