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Related to Karelian vauhti and Votic vauhti.


  • Hyphenation: vauh‧ti
  • IPA(key): /ˈʋɑuhti/



  1. speed, velocity, pace (see usage notes)
  2. (informal) momentum
  3. (physics) speed
  4. (slang) speed (slang term for methamphetamine)

Usage notes[edit]

In everyday language, the words vauhti and nopeus are synonyms (as is the case with the English equivalents speed and velocity). In scientific use, they have however been redefined (as happened in English) to refer to the scalar and vector aspects of motion, respectively. So in science, vauhti only refers to a movement's magnitude (speed), whereas nopeus also includes information about a movement's direction.

In everyday language, vauhti is also used to refer to momentum.


Inflection of vauhti (Kotus type 5/risti, t-d gradation)
nominative vauhti vauhdit
genitive vauhdin vauhtien
partitive vauhtia vauhteja
illative vauhtiin vauhteihin
singular plural
nominative vauhti vauhdit
accusative nom. vauhti vauhdit
gen. vauhdin
genitive vauhdin vauhtien
partitive vauhtia vauhteja
inessive vauhdissa vauhdeissa
elative vauhdista vauhdeista
illative vauhtiin vauhteihin
adessive vauhdilla vauhdeilla
ablative vauhdilta vauhdeilta
allative vauhdille vauhdeille
essive vauhtina vauhteina
translative vauhdiksi vauhdeiksi
instructive vauhdein
abessive vauhditta vauhdeitta
comitative vauhteineen