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From vecs(old) +‎ -ums.


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vecums m (1st declension)

  1. old age (the last phase of life)
    vecuma nespēks‎ ― senility (lit. the weakness, feebleness of old age)
    sirms vecums‎ ― ripe (lit. gray) old age
    vecuma dienas, vecumdienas‎ ― old age (lit. old age days)
    vecuma pensija‎ ― old age pension
    bērni būs viņa atspaids vecumā‎ ― (his) children will be his support in (his) old age
    koki krīt no vecuma‎ ― the trees fall from old age (= because they are very old)
  2. age (the time that has passed since a person's birth)
    draugi ir vienā vecumā‎ ― the friends are the same age
    bez vecuma ierobežojuma‎ ― without age limit
    pensijas vecums‎ ― retirement age
    pirmsskolas vecums‎ ― pre-school age (approximately from 3 to 6)
    skolas vecums‎ ― school age (approximately from 7 to 18)
    ģeoloģiskais vecums‎ ― geologic age
    āpši var nodzīvot līdz 15 gadu vecumam‎ ― badgers can live up to the age of 15 years
    mātei malku esmu skaldījis jau no sešu gadu vecuma‎ ― I have been chopping wood for mother from the age of six years
  3. age, oldness (deterioration caused by the passage of time)
    viņa melnais svārki no liela vecuma spīdēja‎ ― his black coat gleamed from oldness, being old