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From Vulgar Latin veclus, from Latin vetulus, diminutive of vetus.



viejo m (plural viejos, feminine vieja)

  1. an old person
  2. an old item
  3. (Mexico) a certain guy or man, specially adult or almost
    Me gusta el viejo de bigote. - I like the guy with moustache.
    Los tacos más ricos son los del viejo de camisa negra. - The most delicious tacos are those sold by the guy with black shirt.
    No quiero viejos groseros en mi fiesta. - I do not want impolite, discourteous men in my party.
  4. (Mexico) sweetheart, honey (substitute for a male name)
    Ya regresé, viejo. - I am back, sweetheart.
  5. (Mexico) a male sexual companion or partner, occasional or stable, husband
  6. (Chile, Argentina, slang) dad


viejo (feminine singular vieja, masculine plural viejos, feminine plural viejas)

  1. old
    Mi abuelo es viejo. - My grandfather is old.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The comparative form of viejo is mayor.



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