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From viens (one) +‎ -nieks.


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vieninieks m (1st declension)

  1. one, the number one (digit or figure)
    saskaitīt vieniniekusto count, add the ones (last digit of numbers that one is adding)
  2. one (F, very unsatisfactory, the lowest school grade)
    skolotājs iegrieza žurnālā vieniniekuthe teacher entered a one (= fail grade) into the (class) report
  3. one (person, animal) that is alone, never with others
    vajadzēja zagļiem atrast kādu viennieku, individuālistuthe thiefs needed to find some solitary one, some individualist (as their victim)
    vieninieku kameraa (prison) cell for one person; solitary confinement
  4. one sportsman who is a team by himself (e.g., in rowing; a single
    smaiļošanā startēja tikai vieniniekionly singles participated in (the) rowing (competition)


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