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From volup (pleasurably) +‎ -tās.



voluptās f (genitive voluptātis); third declension

  1. pleasure, satisfaction, delight
  2. (term of endearment) joy, charmer


Third-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative voluptās voluptātēs
Genitive voluptātis voluptātum
Dative voluptātī voluptātibus
Accusative voluptātem voluptātēs
Ablative voluptāte voluptātibus
Vocative voluptās voluptātēs

Derived terms[edit]


  • French: volupté
    English: volupty
  • Italian: voluttà
  • Spanish: voluptuoso


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    • to derive pleasure from a thing: voluptatem ex aliqua re capere or percipere
    • to revel in pleasure, be blissfully happy: voluptate perfundi
    • to take one's fill of enjoyment: voluptatibus frui
    • to take one's fill of enjoyment: voluptates haurire
    • to devote oneself absolutely to the pursuit of pleasure: se totum voluptatibus dedere, tradere
    • to be led astray, corrupted by the allurements of pleasure: voluptatis illecebris deleniri
    • to be led astray, corrupted by the allurements of pleasure: voluptatis blanditiis corrumpi
    • to plunge into a life of pleasure: in voluptates se mergere
    • to hold aloof from all amusement: animum a voluptate sevocare
    • sensual pleasure: voluptates (corporis)
    • for one's own diversion; to satisfy a whim: voluptatis or animi causa (B. G. 5. 12)