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From the root of gaudeō.



gaudium n (genitive gaudiī); second declension

  1. joy, delight


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative gaudium gaudia
genitive gaudiī gaudiōrum
dative gaudiō gaudiīs
accusative gaudium gaudia
ablative gaudiō gaudiīs
vocative gaudium gaudia

Derived terms[edit]

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    • to weep for joy: gaudio lacrimare
    • to give pleasure to some one: afficere aliquem gaudio, laetitia
    • to be filled with delight: gaudio perfundi
    • to add the crowning point to a person's joy: cumulum gaudii alicui afferre (vid. sect. V. 6) (Fam. 16. 21. 1)
    • to utter cries of joy: gaudio, laetitia exsultare
    • to be beside oneself with joy: gaudio, laetitia efferri
    • to almost lose one's reason from excess of joy: nimio gaudio paene desipere