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wake +‎ -y


wakey (plural not attested)

  1. (military, slang) The day on which one wakes up and travels home.
    • Gary Blinco, Down a Country Lane
      'You beauty, only 364 and a wakey to go,' the countdown had begun and would continue, as few days passed without someone calling the time. I spared a thought for our temporary enemy whose tour would endure to the end of the war []
    • 2010, Ian McGibbon, New Zealand's Vietnam War (page 542)
      Morale was also usually high, helped by the men's recognition that their service in Vietnam had strict limits – one year, or, to use a soldiers' expression of the time, 364 days and a 'wakey' (the day the men woke to prepare to fly out).
    • 2011, Richard "Barney" Bigwood, We Were Reos: Australian Infantry Reinforcements in VIETNAM (page 47)
      When you became a 'short timer' (20 days and a wakey) you delighted in sticking it up to the new arrivals.

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