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From weight +‎ -some.


weightsome (comparative more weightsome, superlative most weightsome)

  1. Of, pertaining to, possessing, or characterised by weight; weighty; weightful; heavy; grave; grievous.
    • 1887, The American Magazine - Volume 6 - Page 406:
      On next meeting Mrs. Ottarson, she permitted no semblance of complaint or of adverse criticism to evidence the weightsome discouragement that oppressed her.
    • 1912, Arthur Wellington Brayley, Arthur Wilson Tarbell, Joe Mitchell Chapple, National magazine - Volume 35 - Page 297:
      "Fate-dispenser," Medford Browne was wont to ask her on occasion, "how canst thou be so blithe when so weightsome is thy day's allotment of labor?"