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Alternative forms[edit]


well-covered (comparative more well-covered, superlative most well-covered)

  1. Amply equipped or provisioned, especially with respect to a place where food is served.
    • 1865, Elizabeth Gaskell, Wives and Daughters, ch. 33:
      He kept shaking Mr Gibson's hand all the time till he had placed him, nothing loth, at the well-covered dining-table.
    • 1866, Anthony Trollope, The Belton Estate, ch. 31:
      How are you to bid a starving man to wait when you put him down at a well-covered board?
  2. (chiefly Britain, of a person, euphemistic) Fat, corpulent, full-figured.
    • 1859, George Eliot, Adam Bede, ch. 26:
      That simple dancing of well-covered matrons, laying aside for an hour the cares of house and dairy, remembering but not affecting youth, not jealous but proud of the young maidens by their side [] it would be a pleasant variety to see all that sometimes.
    • 1921, John Galsworthy, The Forsyte Saga, part 2, ch. 11:
      "She wasn't much of a skeleton as I remember her," murmured Euphemia, "extremely well-covered."
    • 2003, Thomas Stuttaford, "Eat less and walk more to keep diabetes at bay," Times Online (UK), 20 Mar. (retrieved 24 June 2008):
      The sculptor Botero—influenced perhaps by Maillol’s love of well covered women—created in 1981 an overweight, stumpy couple.