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Alternative forms[edit]


western +‎ -er


westerner (plural westerners)

  1. A native or inhabitant of the west of a region (or of the world as a whole).
    1. A native or inhabitant of the West, of the Western world—Europe and North America. (Also written capitalized as Westerner.)
      • 2013 June 7, Gary Younge, “Hypocrisy lies at heart of Manning prosecution”, in The Guardian Weekly, volume 188, number 26, page 18:
        The dispatches […] also exposed the blatant discrepancy between the west's professed values and actual foreign policies. Having lectured the Arab world about democracy for years, its collusion in suppressing freedom was undeniable as protesters were met by weaponry and tear gas made in the west, employed by a military trained by westerners.
    2. A native or inhabitant of the Wild West. (Also written capitalized as Westerner.)


Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


westerner m

  1. indefinite plural of western