whipped vote

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whipped vote (plural whipped votes)

  1. (politics) In the Westminster parliamentary system, a vote by members of a legislative body in which the members are strictly required to vote as directed by the leadership of their political party.
    • 2008 March 24, "PM Under Fire Over Hybrid Embryo Row," Sky News (UK) (Retrieved 31 May 2011):
      Any minister who failed to support it in a whipped vote would be expected to resign.
    • 2010 Sept. 13, "Pro-gun registry side gains another NDP vote," CBC News (Canada) (Retrieved 31 May 2011):
      Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has called for a whipped vote, and the party says all 77 Liberals will vote to kill the bill.
    • 2011 May 2, Kate Malloy, "Advice from a veteran politico," Hill Times (Canada) (Retrieved 31 May 2011):
      The lowest part of her political career was following the Liberal government's whipped vote to limit compensation to hepatitis C victims in 1998.


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