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Etymology 1[edit]

white +‎ wall


whitewall (not comparable)

  1. (of a tyre/tire) Having white sidewalls
    • 1987, “The Case of the Wool's Worth”, in The Jewish Law Review: The Mishnah on damages[1]:
      Jake had just installed a radar detector and four new whitewall tires.
    • 2007, George McNicholl, How to Rebuild Corvette Rolling Chassis 1963-1982[2]:
      The UniRoyal Tiger Pay Touring whitewall tire is not a performance tire, but it is totally acceptable for street use.
    • 2015, Neal Murphy, East Texas Serendipity: Discovering Stories, History, and Tales from an East Texan’s Perspective[3]:
      I was shocked the other day when I Walmart that I could not find a whitewall tire for sale.
  2. (US, military) Describing a hair cut with a closely cropped back and sides and the hair on the top of the head left longer.
    • 2007, Alexander Theroux, Laura Warholic: Or, The Sexual Intellectual[4]:
      A weird elongated creature with a whitewall haircut who had the big head as well as hands and fat thighs of the acromegalic, he was an uninhibited cross-dresser suffering from Gender Identity Disorder who constantly appeared in frocks.
    • 2011, Mike Stewart, A Clean Kill[5]:
      A blond kid with a whitewall haircut and long, thin sideburns came over to stand beside the kid with the wimpy Roman do.
    • 2016, Lee Child, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel[6]:
      With a whitewall crew cut, high and tight.


whitewall (plural whitewalls)

  1. A whitewall tyre/tire.
    • 1967, Portnoy's complaint
      She'd look two hun-erd percent better with the whitewalls...
    • 1947 June 20, Tide, page 25:
      Sales points you just have to snap on the whitewalls; they are easy to clean, can't scuff on curbs []
    • 2008, Joey Green, Joey Green's Fix-It Magic: More Than 1,971 Quick-and-Easy Household Solutions Using Brand-Name Products[7]:
      To clean whitewalls on tires, spray Easy-Off Oven Clearn on the whitewalls, wait two minutes, and then rince off with a high pressure hose.
    • 2009, William Kloefkorn, Breathing in the Fullness of Time[8]:
      They owned two of the largest houses in town; and they drove the latest Chevrolets available, 1941 models, both cars still sporting whitewall tires, which meant that the man who said he hadn't seen a whitewall since Hector was a pup was perhaps stretching the truth.
  2. (US, military) A hair cut with a closely cropped back and sides and the hair on the top of the head left longer.

Etymology 2[edit]

See witwall.


whitewall (plural whitewalls)

  1. (Britain, dialectal, Northamptonshire, rare) The spotted flycatcher.
    • 1885, Charles Swainson, Provincial Names and Folk Lore of British Birds[9], volume 32, Spotted flycatcher:
      White wall (Northants).
    • 1903, The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia[10]:
      The beam-bird, Muscicapa grisola; the spotted flycatcher. Also whitewall, white-bird.
    • 1905, Alexander Robert Forbes, Gaelic Names of Beasts (Mammalia), Birds, Fishes, Insects, Reptiles, Etc[11]:
      Wall bird, wall-plat, white base, whitewall.