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Alternative forms[edit]


From English whoop (variant of whip) + ass



  1. (idiomatic, slang, US) To beat or strike.
  2. (idiomatic, slang, US) To defeat in a fight.
    • 1992 August, “Blues brethren”, SPIN, volume 8, number 5, SPIN Media, ISSN 0886-3032, page 55: 
      I said "Hello Papa," and he said, "Well, I'll be darned, I'm gonna get off of this piano and whoop yo' ass."
  3. (idiomatic, slang, US) To defeat or excel against (someone) in a competitive event.
    • 1999 August, Kevin S., “Intel bounces back”, Maximum PC, volume 4, number 8, Future US, ISSN 1522-4279, page 18: 
      Intel knew the K6-III 450 with its 256k built-in cache would whoop ass on the Pentium II series.



  1. (figuratively, slang, US) An act of beating.
  2. (idiomatic, slang, US) A fight.
    • 2013, Cora L. Hairston, Faces Behind the Dust, ISBN 9781475958300:
      Big Sis had come out the door for some more whoop-ass, while Mr. Man was trying to hold her back.
  3. (figuratively, slang, US) Strength or will to fight or compete.
    • 2006 June, David Khoo, “Sleeper hit. Torque Test: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Wagon GT-A”, Torque, SPH Magazines, ISSN 0218-7868, page 55: 
      There is a squat and fuss-free simplicity about its profile, which belies the amount of 'whoop-ass' that can be delivered with a prod of the accelerator pedal.

Derived terms[edit]