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  1. Alternative spelling of whoop-de-doo
    • 2012, Jonathan Logan Donovan, Husk: A Tale of Human Hunger, →ISBN, page 161:
      Whoopee-do, man. Congrats! That basically just described an Iguana.


whoopee-do (plural whoopee-dos)

  1. Alternative spelling of whoop-de-doo
    1. Commotion
      • 1991, Sue Grafton -, G is for Gumshoe, →ISBN:
        “Yeah, but what's the big whoopee-do about that?”
    2. Event marked by excitement
      • 2013, John Nichols, The Nirvana Blues: A Novel, →ISBN, page 10:
        Warming up with a Streak for God, they hit every Sunday service possible, from Bob Condum's evangelical whoopee-do (nailed by a girl with beautiful waist-length strawberry hair who galloped through the noxious tent just as two dozen of Bob's peroxide blond minrobed Saviourettes were garnisheeing the weekly paychecks of a hundred destitute Pueblo natives), to the Episcopal church, where Father Dagwood Whipple was so flustered by the bearded grasshopper thundering through his service rattling a tambourine that he tripped on his robe, tumbled against the lectern, opening a thirteen-stitch forehead gash, and dropped his twelve-pound Bible into the front pew, squarely atop a wealthy parish benefactor's purple noggin.


whoopee-do (comparative more whoopee-do, superlative most whoopee-do)

  1. Alternative spelling of whoop-de-doo