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wiki +‎ -phobia


wikiphobia (uncountable)

  1. Fear or dislike of wikis.
    • 2008, Stewart Mader, Wikipatterns, Wiley Publishing (2008), ISBN 9780470223628, page 110:
      Wikiphobia arises out of some level of fear or dislike of the wiki.
    • 2008, Julian Dibbell, "Wikiphobia and Web 2.0", The Telegraph, 28 March 2008:
      Here Comes Everybody is as crisply argued and as enlightening a book about the internet as has been written. It might even cure your wikiphobia.
    • 2011, Government of British Columbia, "UX Toolbox: Building Better Web for Citizens", page 76:
      Understand the cultural shift that needs to occur – wikiphobia is real.

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