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Middle English[edit]


From wimple (a veil, cover, hood); see Middle Dutch wimpelen


wimplen (third-person singular simple present wimpleth, present participle wimplende, simple past and past participle wimpled)

  1. to cover with a wimple or veil, to veil; to conceal, hide
    With fayre honyed wordes heretykes and mis-meninge people skleren and wimplen their errours. — Testament of Love, Thomas Usk
  2. to undergo a religious ceremony of veiling, signifying consecration and seclusion
    Rea entred into relegioun, For to be wympled in that hooli hous Sacred to Vesta ... duryng al hir liff. — Fall of Princes, John Lydgate, c1439
  3. to fold, drape in folds
    Take soft lynnen cloth & wrape and wymple it togeder and lay it ouer þe wound — Medical Recipes, c1450


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