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Etymology 1[edit]

witch (verb) +‎ -er; from popular belief that dowsing was a supernatural act.


witcher (plural witchers)

  1. dowser
Related terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

Contraction of with + your



  1. Eye dialect spelling of with your.
    • 1934, Henry Roth, Call It Sleep:
      ... an' t'hell witcher ponies I says
    • 1974, Paul R. Clancy, Just a Country Lawyer: A Biography of Senator Sam Ervin, page 103,
      And Wiltz said, 'Come on witcher conversation, Mr. Avery. Come on witcher conversation.'
    • 1999, Richard Price, Bloodbrothers, page 113:
      Whyncha quit? You can do construction work witcher ol man.
    • 2010, Rex Miller, Profane Men, page 45:
      How's it feel to be drinkin' and smokin' witcher big-time, freelance gunman. Huh? Pretty exciting or what?