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wizard +‎ -ing, popularised in the late 1990s by J K Rowling's Harry Potter novels.



  1. present participle of wizard


wizarding (uncountable)

  1. The magical work of a wizard; sorcery, witchcraft.
    • 1904, Arthur Williams Marchmont, Norman Hardy, By snare of love‎
      And he said he knew the paper was but a forgery, my lord; that His Highness, Rechad Effendi, had never seen it; that his master the American knew this too; that he had learnt all my lord's plans by wizarding, and knew them...
    • 2000, Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent
      Not using magic is what wizarding is all about!
    • 2007, William P MacNeil, Lex populi: the jurisprudence of popular culture‎
      For instance, when Dumbledore offered to pay him ten Galleons a week — a standard wizarding wage, but for an elf an embarras de richesses...