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Lower Sorbian[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): [ˈvʲelɛ], [ˈjelɛ]


wjele (invariable)

  1. many
    z wjele słowami‎ ― with many words
  2. how many?
    z wjele kónimi?‎ ― with how many horses?

See also[edit]



  1. much, many
    wjele źěła‎ ― much work, lots of work
    Wjelim njejo znate až, []‎ ― Many people do not know that [] (literally, To many it is not known that)
  2. how much?, how many?
    na wjele?‎ ― how many times?
    po wjelim?‎ ― how many at once? how much at once?
    Wjele to płaśi?
    How much does that cost?
    Wjele bratšow a sotšow maš?
    How many brothers and sisters do you have?
    Wjele cośo jerjegow?
    How many herrings do you want?


  • Optional animate accusative form: wjelich

Usage notes[edit]

As a determiner, wjele is invariable; the noun it modifies is always plural is in whatever case is appropriate to its role in the sentence. As a pronoun, wjele may be followed by a noun in the genitive case, which may be either singular or plural, in which case it is invariable; or it may stand alone, in which case it is declinable.


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