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Lower Sorbian[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): /ˈvʲɛlɛ/, [ˈvʲelə]; /ˈjɛlɛ/, [ˈjelə]


wjele (indeclinable, comparative wěcej)

  1. many
    z wjele słowamiwith many words
  2. how many?
    z wjele kónimi?with how many horses?




  1. much, many
    wjele źěłamuch work, lots of work
    Wjelim njejo znate až, [] Many people do not know that [] (literally, To many it is not known that)
  2. how much?, how many?
    na wjele?how many times?
    po wjelim?how many at once? how much at once?
    Wjele to płaśi?
    How much does that cost?
    Wjele bratšow a sotšow maš?
    How many brothers and sisters do you have?
    Wjele cośo jerjegow?
    How many herrings do you want?

Usage notes[edit]

As a determiner, wjele is invariable; the noun it modifies is always plural is in whatever case is appropriate to its role in the sentence. As a pronoun, wjele may be followed by a noun in the genitive case, which may be either singular or plural, in which case it is invariable; or it may stand alone, in which case it is declinable.


  • Optional animate accusative form: wjelich

Further reading[edit]

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