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wood-elf (plural wood-elves)

  1. An elf which inhabits woodland.
    • 1993, Our Troth, the Ring of Troth and other true folk ISBN 0-9623957-8-1, page 227:
      The word alf (alfr/elf) is used for many sorts of wight: not only the Light Alfs, Dark Alfs (mound-elves), and Swart Alfs that Grimm separates out of German folklore and the Norse sources, but also different sorts of land wights (wood-elves, field elves, water-elves, and sea-elves).
    • 1999, Thunder, issue 11, Ceremony for the Handfasting of Dragon Earthson and Thorskegga Thorn (Math Jones):
      To wood-elf and field-elf I pour out this greeting, And bid you bless this holy rite.
    • 2001, Thunder, issue 18, The Courting of Nanna (Thorskegga Thorn):
      Late in the night when the midnight sun cast a long shadow from the caves peak over his camp, Hother crept into the wood-elf's cave, overpowered him and bound him securely.

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