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From world +‎ -kin.


  • Hyphenation: world‧kin
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worldkin ‎(plural worldkins)

  1. A diminutive or miniature world; microcosm.
    • 1887, Thomas Carlyle, Sartor resartus:
      I too could now say to myself: Be no longer a Chaos, 'but a World, or even Worldkin. Produce! Produce! [...]'
    • 1900, Philip Gengembre Hubert, The Atlantic monthly:
      How in this humdrum worldkin of ours did mortal men ever come to do this madness?
    • 1979, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Alfred Riggs Ferguson, Jean Ferguson Carr, Essays, first series:
      "Our little worldkin is very quiet & nothing is new therein. [...]"