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xeno- +‎ -philia



xenophilia (uncountable)

  1. an attraction to or love of foreign people, manners or culture
  2. (science fiction) love (especially sexual love) between humans and extraterrestrials
    • 1983, Frank Northen Magill, Survey of modern fantasy literature, Volume 4, Salem Press, ISBN 0893564540, page 1707
      While it may appear that Sturgeon has thus become an advocate of homoeroticism, incest, xenophilia, and other exotic or decadent sexual practices, he remains committed rather to the ideals of understanding and tolerance.
    • 2007, Julie Phillips, James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon, ISBN 0312426941, page 300
      An alien—seemingly just a tourist—lands in the middle of Washington, assumes human, male form, and is adopted by four college kids for fun and sex. The story is told in snatches of dialogue and scraps of poetry (the title is from e.e. cummings), and is all goofy juxtapositions, happy xenophilia, and affection for the enthusiastic and accepting youth.
    • 2012, Mark Guinane, Horizon's Edge, ISBN 1937928268, page 303
      Xenophilia (header) From a young age, even before I knew what sex was, I always had a thing for girls. Alien girls I mean — Alorians in particular. I broke out in a sweat every time I saw them. They were so beautiful.