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yap +‎ -er


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yapper (plural yappers)

  1. (slang) One's mouth, especially of a gossipy person.
    Shut your yapper or I'll shut it for you!
  2. One who yaps.
    • 2004, Theresa Mancus, Who moved my bone?: a guide for multi-dog households (page 25)
      If you want your pack to be a deterrent against burglars or muggers, forget about small dogs, yappers though they be. Focus on the larger breeds, particularly working stock with strong instinctual drives.
    • 2007, Training (volume 44, issues 1-10, page 6)
      I have to admit I would have a lot more tolerance for cell phone yappers on my one-hour train ride to and from work if they were actually learning — instead of yelling []
  3. (slang) A dog, especially of a small breed.