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yard +‎ master


yardmaster (plural yardmasters)

  1. A railway employee who is in charge of a railway yard.
    Coordinate term: yardman
    • 1943 September and October, T. F. Cameron, “Train and Traffic Control”, in Railway Magazine, page 265:
      Each evening the Yardmaster in charge of each yard prepares a list of the freight trains (booked and special) which he proposes to run next day.
    • 1961 May, “Talking of Trains: Stourton and Stafford approved”, in Trains Illustrated, page 260:
      The London Midland Region has announced receipt of authority from the Ministry of Transport to resume the reconstruction of Stafford station and layout, interrupted at the Minister's behest; contracts have now been placed for the erection of the new station buildings and the yardmaster's office.