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  1. comparative form of young: more young
    Our neighbor spent her younger years in England.
    Reading this book takes me back to my younger days.


Derived terms[edit]



younger (plural youngers)

  1. One who is younger than another.
    • 1882, L. H. Apaque, A baker's dozen, page 102:
      Hugh and Charlie also played fairly well, so perhaps it was not wonderful that James, who had always regarded cricket as a childish waste of time, felt rather at a loss, and did not care to display his inferiority to his youngers.
    • 1964, Robert S. Fox, Ronald Lippitt, John E. Lohman, Teaching of Social Science Material in the Elementary School, page 3:
      Youngers did not like olders to be mean and bossy.
    • 1980, Hans Raj Dua, Language use in Himachal Pradesh, page 249:
      First, the use of Hindi is more among the males than among the females irrespective of the interaction with elders, equals or youngers.
    • 1997, M. G. Husain, Changing Indian Society And Status Of Aged, page 162:
      A section of semi-structured interview schedule was also included in the research in order to test if youngers face any problem with elders staying with them.
    • 2008, Janardan Prasad, Panorama of Indian education, page 61:
      So, it is necessary to educate our youngers about economy and,[sic] school and college education can do this easily.
    • 2011, Carroll Anne Sheppard, Nancy Burton Dilliplane, Congregational Connections: Uniting Six Generations in the Church, page 49:
      There are the usual tensions between elders and middles, and between middles and youngers.
    • 2014, Simon Harding, Street Casino: Survival in violent street gangs:
      Half of them youngers didn't know how much these Brixton olders are affiliated with these Peckham olders