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  • (Trapani) IPA(key): [ˈʐi.nɪ]
  • Hyphenation: rì‧ni

Etymology 1[edit]

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From Latin rēn, rēnem.


rini m (plural rini)

  1. (anatomy) kidney
    • 1904, Dante Alighieri, Tommaso Cannizzaro, La commedia di Dante Alighieri: Prima traduzione in dialetto siciliano, page 98, lines 55-57:
      Chiddhi d' arredi a li so' cosci stisi, / e la cuda ficcannu ntra ddhi ddui / supra li rini, 'llungannula tisi.
      The hindermost it stretched upon his thighs, / And put its tail through in between the two, / And up behind along the reins [kidneys] outspread it. [1]

Etymology 2[edit]


rini f

  1. plural of rina