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  1. Pronunciation spelling of your.
    • 2009 March 10, Rosie DiManno, “Murder reduced to infantile online postings”, in Toronto Star[1]:
      Then, in a staggering display of empathy for the deceased lacking, this friend segues to the narcissist nub of the matter: "Omg wat if yu get arrested b4 yur bdai."


yur (plural yurs)

  1. Pronunciation spelling of year.
    • 1858, Nathan Hogg, Poetical letters tu es brither Jan and a witch story tha old humman way tha urd cloke, ur tha evil eye in the Devonshire dialect[2], page 53:
      Zom yurs ago, I need’n stop ta tull thur when,…A hunderd yurs ‘ad pass’d, twiz zaid;
    • 1888, William Black, Kilmeny[3], page 21:
      ‘Lor’ bless ye, there wun’t be thoughts o’ marryin’ in her ‘ed for yurs yet. And when she do marry she’ll marry a properer Mann than ‘im .
    • 1893, Isabel Smithson, “The Guardian Pine-tree”, in Romance[4], page 500:
      In them thar yurs of vanity I useter think the hull worl’ didn’ hol’ ez takin’ a gal ez Arizony Farner. …’Nd now Moses Adkins hev married ‘er yurs ‘nd yurs ago.
    • 1978, “Appalachian Heritage, Volumes 6-8”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name)[5], page 54:
      Yep! Right hyere in this vury house, when me and the wife lived hyere yurs ago, and Teedy went to git a knife fer something or nother, and sent her off into everlastin babblin.
    • 2001, Niall Griffiths, Grits[6], page 123:
      Ah remembur this wan time, few yurs back now (Christ the time just runnun awey like it does), when me mate wuz up at the college in Belfast an ah went te stop up thur wuth um ferra weekend - lots n lots uv drink an drugs…
    • 2006, Beau Parke, A Darzit Voice: Poems and stories from a Dorset man[7], page 85:
      ‘Tis a turr’ble state d’be in, Oi c’n tell ee, When th’things you done a vew yurs back don’t work, They gurt-big zacks o’ taydees ver me back be var doo weighdy…
    • 2007, Tom Slayton, Searching for Thoreau[8]:
      They spoke in soft Southern drawls: We ded this part about this tahm nine yurs ago,” said the one with the neatly trimmed white moustache. “But ah don’t remember thur bein’ so much uphiyull.”
    • 2014, RG Camp, Raging Currents[9]:
      She ain’t want da state to split us up so she dropped er last yur’a high school to take cur’a us.
    • 2017, Matthew Moffitt, The Sands of Deliverance: From the moon to Joshua (Book One)[10]:
      And when yer mind wanders back tah dat possibility, o’er da long yurs and barters ya been doin’, yee either lose dat hope all o’er again and it becomes nuttin more dan a passin thought, er yee find yerself thinkin’ of home, of havin’ dat hope.


Middle English[edit]



  1. Alternative form of your


Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Berber *a-ʔyur.


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yur m (Tifinagh spelling ⵢⵓⵔ, plural iyarn or yurn)

  1. moon
    Ad ibedd yur
    the new moon will set.
    Synonym: taziri
  2. month
    Ad ibedd yur
    the new month will start.
    Synonym: šhar