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zip (meaning "move at high speed") was suggested by Robert Mahoney, friend of Phil Katz (original developer of the format).


zip file (plural zip files)

  1. A computer file containing the zipped (compressed) contents of one or more files; a kind of compressed archive.
    • 2003, David Gallardo, Ed Burnette, Robert McGovern, Eclipse in action: a guide for Java developers, page 244:
      To make that functionality available, you have to place a zip file containing the source in the top-level directory of the plug-in [...]
    • 2004, Alan Simpson, Alan Simpson's Windows XP Bible, page 505:
      To e-mail a zip file, you need to attach the zip file to an e-mail message.
    • 2006, Elliotte Rusty Harold, Java I/O:
      Because zip is not just a compression format like deflation or gzip but an archival format, a single zip file often contains multiple [...]
    • 2006, Phil Mason, SAS tips and techniques from around the globe, page 269:
      However, pipes can't be used to read SAS data sets from a zip file in this way. Pipes are used with FILENAME [...]. There is a way to read and write SAS data sets that are stored in a zip file.