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The Old English words "broad way" have been used to name wide roads and associated settlements for over a thousand years. Documented examples include Broadway, Somerset and Broadway, Worcestershire, England, which are listed in the Domesday Book census of 1086AD as "Bradewie" and "Bradeweia" respectively.

Sense of “government of Manitoba” is from the address of the Manitoba Legislative Building, on Broadway in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Proper noun[edit]

Broadway (uncountable)

  1. A street name, typically for a wide road; a broad way.
  2. The wide road which runs diagonally through Manhattan, New York City.
  3. A place name for a settlement which grew up around such a road. For example, Broadway, Worcestershire, Broadway, Somerset.
  4. The theater district of Manhattan.
  5. The theatres in the Broadway theatre district; especially those covered by contracts between the owners and theatrical unions.
  6. The American theater industry.
  7. (Manitoba, idiomatic) The government of Manitoba.
    • 2009, “Verbal vent at city hall: Councillors attack province, feds on their infrastructure priorities”, in Winnipeg Free Press, June 25:
      Angry city councillors lashed out against both Broadway and Ottawa on Wednesday, claiming the Doer government and the Harper Conservatives are spending millions on infrastructure projects Winnipeg doesn't want and not enough on road repairs the city needs.



  1. (poker slang) The highest straight in poker, ace-king-queen-jack-ten.

Derived terms[edit]

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Broadway (not comparable)

  1. (by extension if the proper noun senses) Flashy; showy.
    Since he got the recording contract, he's gone all Broadway.


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