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From Middle Low German. Ultimately the same as platt (flat), although the motivation seems not to be quite clear; possibly the geographically low areas of Germany as in Niederdeutsch (Low German), or else “not elevated, ordinary” speech.



Platt n (genitive Platts, no plural)

  1. (regional, chiefly northern and central Germany) dialect, usually one of German (or Dutch)
    Das Platt, das hier gesprochen wird, verstehe ich schlecht.
    I have trouble understanding the dialect spoken around here.

Usage notes[edit]

Most often, a Platt is understood to be a Low German dialect, because the term Plattdeutsch explicitly refers to Low German. However, many West Central German dialects (e.g. in Bonn or Koblenz) are also referred to as Platt (but not Plattdeutsch).


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