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raken (past singular raakte, past participle geraakt)

  1. to touch
  2. to hit (to not miss)
  3. to suffer (from pain or physical wounds).
  4. (copulative) to become
    ,,Het is nog te vroeg om te stellen dat de woningmarkt oververhit dreigt te raken, maar we concluderen uit onze eerdere analyses dat het verschil tussen vraag- en verkoopprijzen slinkt.’’ — "It is yet too early to state that the housing market threatens to become overheated, but we conclude from our earlier analyses that the difference between asking and bidding prices is shrinking." (Het Algemeen Dagblad, 5 January 2007)
  5. In conjunction with a noun, refers to the moment of obtaining characteristic, described by a noun.
    kwijt raken — to go missing
    zwanger raken — to become pregnant
    in paniek raken — to start to panic
    besmet raken — to contract a disease
    gewend raken — to get accustomed (to), to acquire (knowledge of), to master (a subject), to settle down, to acclimatise.


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