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Middle Persian[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Persian 𐎰𐎼𐎭 (θard-, θarad-, year), from Proto-Iranian *ĉarHád-, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *ĉarHád-, possibly from Proto-Indo-European *ḱelh₁- (to warm up, to be hot). Compare the second component of Old Armenian loanwords նաւա-սարդ (nawa-sard), երիտա-սարդ (erita-sard), աւ-սարդ (aw-sard). Logogram from Aramaic 𐡔𐡍𐡕 (šnt, year).


ŠNT (sāl)

  1. year
    • Wizīdagīhā ī Zādspram, chapter 3, line 28
      PWN 1000 ŠNT gwhl Y kwp BYN zmyk' YHBWNt YKOYMWNʾt
      pad hazār sāl gōhr ī kōf andar zamīg dād ēstād
      for a thousand years the substance of the mountains had been created in the earth.

Derived terms[edit]



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