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Russian numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal: во́семь (vósemʹ)
    Ordinal: восьмо́й (vosʹmój)
    Ordinal abbreviation: 8-о́й (8-ój)
    Adverbial: во́семью (vósemʹju)
    Multiplier: восьмерно́й (vosʹmernój), восьмикра́тный (vosʹmikrátnyj)
    Collective: во́сьмеро (vósʹmero)
    Fractional: восьма́я (vosʹmája), восьми́на (vosʹmína)



во́сьмеро (vósʹmero)

  1. eight (in a group together), eight of them
    во́сьмеро дете́йvósʹmero detéjeight children
    во́сьмеро часо́вvósʹmero časóveight watches
    во́сьмеро очко́вvósʹmero očkóveight pairs of glasses
    во́сьмеро из насvósʹmero iz naseight of us
    нас бы́ло во́сьмероnas býlo vósʹmerothere were eight of us

Usage notes[edit]

  • The nominative of a collective numeral governs the genitive plural of the noun, pronoun, or adjective. For the other cases the noun, pronoun, or adjective will be in the same case (except when meaning "a pair of"). Not used with feminine nouns. Used mostly when speaking of children and with a few nouns that are used in the plural only, such as часы́ (časý), очки́ (očkí), or with pronouns.


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Ukrainian numbers (edit)
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    Cardinal: ві́сім (vísim)
    Ordinal: во́сьмий (vósʹmyj)
    Collective: во́сьмеро (vósʹmero)


  • IPA(key): [ˈwɔsʲmerɔ]
  • (file)


во́сьмеро (vósʹmero)

  1. (collective number) eight

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